“The 360° approach to machinery health.”

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PCM (Platinum Condition Monitoring & Laser Alignment Services) was established by an elite group of analysts with more than 29 years experience, specializing in the fields of vibration analysis, In-place balancing, Laser Alignment, Thermographic Analysis and Oil Analysis. PCM would like to form a partnership with its clients, recognizing the loop, Monitor - Report - Act - Feedback, as long as the loop remains closed; a PCM condition-monitoring program will meet all expectations of reducing maintenance cost and down time. Engaging PCM as a maintenance partner introduces a powerful technology, employing the most advance analysis equipment and years of experience in the field of machinery health and reliability, specializing in identification and interpretation of machinery problems.

It is our aim to make PCM an integral part of your maintenance team, providing the necessary information that will enable your maintenance staff to carry out focused and effective maintenance, and to maximize machine life through pro-active maintenance and to guard against unexpected failures. As PCM we would like to be renowned as the most effective company in all areas of condition monitoring, with practical experience and ownership.

“In industry, maintenance is usually the single highest expenditure item: it is also the most controllable.”

Causes of premature failure are bad design, poor assembly or incorrect application. Failure will result where the dynamics of a machine are affected by any one of these three factors.
 PCM specializes in identification and interpretation of machinery problems through vibration analysis. 
Engaging PCM as a maintenance partner, introduces a service to fulfill the role of an in-house vibration analysis facility. 
PCM would like to change the general approach to condition monitoring, focusing on maintaining standards, and ensuring a long term investment in machinery health and reliability.

“On-site solutions to Machinery problems.”

The primary objective of Condition Monitoring is to establish the existence of a problem; more often then not, the cause can then be identified from this data. However, a full Vibration Diagnostic analysis may be required to establish the root cause, before it is possible  to make recommendations on corrective action. 
This could involve phase analysis, transient analysis, resonance testing, foundation assessment, soft-foot checks, specific-frequency analysis, and/or other specialist analysis techniques

“Correctly balanced machines result in improved operation, reduced bearing wear and fewer machine failures.”

By obviating the need to remove a rotor, PCM provides cost-effective on-site balancing of rotating machinery in up to 16 planes. This is ideal for use on most types of rotating machines including pumps, fans, blowers, couplings, etc.

“World-wide, it is estimated that as much as 85% of all equipment failures are attributed to imbalance or misalignment.”

Alignment is a critical aspect of machinery dynamics requiring specialist knowledge and accuracy. Laser alignment of critical machines removes a major cause of premature failure.


“Oil analysis determines the condition of both lubricant and machine and completes PCM’s tool-box of maintenance aids.”

Oil analysis involves the taking of samples from the 
lubricating systems of the machines and carrying out a series of tests to determine the condition and integrity of the lubricant as well as identifying the types and quantities of wear metals being generated by the moving components. Tests carried out on the oil samples include Spectrometric Analysis, Water Content, Viscosity, Oxidation, Wear Debris 
Analysis, Wear Particle Concentration and Particle Count.